The Temptress. Otherwise known as a glass of iced tea.

     So Ramadan is going swimmingly. I’ve decided to fast for two reasons. First, I feel that it will (and is) aiding in cultural immersion and understanding; and second I feel that I should fast out of courtesy for my host family. I think it would be very rude indeed to eat or drink in front of them while they are fasting. Besides, I have discovered that is pretty easy to fast and abstain from liquids. Well, easy save for a few excruciating hours today.

      For breaking-of-the-fast my family decided to eat at a restaurant in a mall. We went to the mall about two and a half hours before Maghrib which is the second-to-last call to prayer that occurs at dusk (During Ramadan the Maghrib Azan is permission to begin eating and drinking again), in order to shop and play around. While my host mom and sister were shopping for clothes my host brothers and I went to a small arcade in a department store (I know this is a very odd location for an arcade). Here we made the mistake of playing the physically intensive games; a downhill biking game where you had to pedal, DDR, etc. This turned out to be a very bad decision given that the three of us had not drank anything for 14 hours and could not drink for another 2. It was a horrible feeling and it was hard to maintain discipline especially since I have no real obligation to abstain from anything. Then we made another unintentional bad decision. We went to the restaurant about 30 minutes early. Unfortunately for me (and I assume my host brothers too, but I can’t speak to their inner thoughts) our drinks arrived at our table ten minutes before Maghrib. 

      Dear Readers, you may never experience the psychological pain of having an ice cold glass of teh tarik ais (cold tea mixed with sweetened condensed milk) sitting in front of you while you are in utterly painful thirst yet unable to drink the beverage. But let me tell you, it was probably the most testing, tempting, excruciating, painful, and long ten minutes of my life. However, I held fast for ten whole minutes until Maghrib and then I drank (or more appropriately attacked) the tea with such violent chugs that a frat boy would have been impressed with the time it took for me to down the drink.

     My motto for the (lunar) month: Serenity through Discipline.


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