Orientation, Orientation, and more… ugh… Orientation.

Don’t misunderstand the above title, I am fully cognizant of the purpose and value of an orientation. But four days? And to be going over things we should already know. Stupid/incompetent people ruin everything… (please regard the previous statement as nothing but brilliant satire). Tomorrow should be better though, we are basically spending the entire day in D.C. proper at embassies and the State Department. And then is the big day, Tuesday.

But an interesting thing that happened today. Our fearless leaders called upon us to write down our thoughts when we considered the concept of “poverty”. I carefully inscribed the following on my notepad, “The human injustices inherent in the capitalist system” fully expecting equally profound and well-thought out answers from my… well I don’t know what to call them… colleagues? Anyhow, other answers ranged from the simple, “minimum wage” to the slightly ignorant; “drugs”, “dirtiness”, etc. As students studying abroad, I feel it is imperative that we be searching for causes and foundations for the events, systems, beliefs, and paradigms that we encounter. It is simply unacceptable as a scholar to only be able to describe the results or effects of a given concept. 

Anyways… that’s my two cents.


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  1. you, are SO rude.

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